After many years supplying top athletes throughout Europe, we have developed 2 styles of suits to meet the needs of the most discerning triathletes.

The fabrics are specifically designed for quick drying and developed for maximum comfort in the 3 disciplines.

Our tri-suits have been designed for versatility and durability to ensure that you have the best tech kit on training and race days. Importantly, the fabrics are designed to endure maximum stress without losing quality to support you in your best performances.


Spin Tri is our sleeveless tri-suit, suitable for any type of discipline and perfect for competition or training.

We use fabrics that are quick drying, comfortable and fast. We have also included an enclosed rear zip pocket.

Also available in broken Top and trousers.


Kona is our short-sleeved tri-suit recommended for long/medium distances.

With comfortable front opening, high-strength fabrics this suit is specifically designed for extreme use and comes standard with rear pockets.